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Supermoon 2013 -Largest and Closest Full Moon of the Year above the Sea in Acicastello-Sicily

June 24, 2013








 Yesterday, June 23rd, 2013, the full moon was the largest and closest of the year. In the evening, I went to the waterfront next to the Castle, in Acicastello, close to my home and enjoyed the view.  Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and the moon peeked through the clouds intermittently; however, I enjoyed the view and the relief provided by the gentle breeze after a sweltering humid long day.

As I took pictures of the moon, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the activities going on around me as people just enjoyed their usual nightly stroll in town.  The town, Acicastello, is where I take my walks on a regular basis.



Children playing hide and seek



Just hanging out in front of City Hall 




Just hanging out close to the medieval castle




  1. pamela permalink

    I love the fact that you have a beautiful place to walk, day and night. It looks great and SO European!
    Where are you off to next?:)

    • Stay tuned for some breathtaking white cliffs on the southern coast of Sicily.

  2. pamela permalink

    woo-hoo! Will od:)

  3. pamela permalink

    so much for my own editing skills…I meant…will do! tee-hee

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