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Back in Sicily – 2014 Just Some of the Many Colors, Fragrances, and Flavors I Return to Enjoy

July 4, 2014


This post will just “show” and not “narrate” just some of the food and colors I have enjoyed since returning to Sicily.



Sea Urchins






Back home cooked mussels, “Pepata di Cozze”, and enjoyed with childhood friend, Lina!



Baked Ricotta



Tenerumi – a vegetable of this season






At Lina’s mountain home, picking Mulberries, “GELSI”,  for breakfast



Oregano growing at Lina’s


Oregano dried


Helping Lina jar the oregano IMG_2504


Lina’s casarecce tossed in cherry tomatoes, arugula and lemon jest!


Checking the olives which we will harvest in October


Finally, those wonderful lemons!!!!!!!


and Caper flowers




  1. Mary permalink

    Rosanna, these pictures are just beautiful. All is well here, just got back from a beach week with entire family, nice weather the whole week and lots of fun. Next trip is in Sept. To eastern block countries. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Love M

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Thanks for the great photos, my mouth is watering. Fabulous foods, fresh seafood, chatting over mussels, dried fresh oregano, new bread, baked ricotta looks yum- I must look it up to see how to make it, and what family is tenerumi leafy vegetable in & what does it taste like? Beautiful olivs and ready lemons & perfect example of caper flower. Is casarecce a pasta?

  3. Ps sea urchins! Wonder how their local flavor may differ from northeast & northwest US urchins. West coast tend to be milder sweeter plumper; northeast tend to be gently more sea taste. All those tubule feet between the spines are amazing… in maine the park rangers show you they can walk calmly harmlessly along your hand. But not in hawaii, there’s toxin in the spine rips.

    • Hello! Thank You! Just a brief reply As I am on the road. Tenerumi are the greens of a type of zucchina that grows in my hometown area during this season. Must run! Take care!!

    • Wow! You have quite the knowledge!! I must say that I have not eaten sea urchins in the States only in Sicily. Here they tend to be “gently more sea taste.” I actually had some for lunch today just tossed with spaghetti!
      TAKE CARE!!!

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