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Exploring Sicily, the Land of my Roots – All contents of this blog are copyright Rosanna Andolfo Park and may not be used without permission of the author

Thirty years ago I moved away from Sicily after marrying an American and lived in different countries, mainly the USA.  I had a wonderful family life and raised two exceptional children.  I became an educator and taught English to the foreign students in the public school system and at the college level as I could relate to what it meant to arrive in a new land and try to learn not only its language but a new culture.  I also worked as a freelance translator and interpreter using my two native languages, English and Italian.

At this time, I have left full time teaching and am spending my time traveling through the land of my roots, Sicily, and sharing my impressions with my English language readers. 

 They say “One cannot go home” once one has left the place where they grew up.  The places change and people themselves change.  However, I am trying to prove that one can return with an open mind and observe one’s land of origin trying to appreciate what there is to appreciate and understanding that what is not to appreciate can be left aside.

  1. Gigi Leach permalink

    What a lovely gift to have our paths cross this morning.

  2. Lillian permalink

    Are you coming anywhere close to Longfellow??? I miss you!!


    • Dearest Lillian, I am in San Francisco visiting my daughter, but will be in Virginia Dec. 16th and stay for a while. I will contact you via private email to check which day would be best to come by Longfellow. A hug to you!!!!

  3. Carol Bartus permalink


    I have found your blog! Loved the pictures you took from the volcano, as well as the ones of the pastries!


  4. Maria Luisa Genco permalink

    Rosanna bella!
    How are you?
    Finally I’ve managed to start reading your blog, it makes me want to jump on a plane and explore! I wish I could but for now I will enjoy reading your discoveries! It’s fantastic!
    Ti abbraccio,
    Maria Luisa

    • Maria Luisa! What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! I am so happy that you have started reading my blog! Stay tuned and give my best to the family.

      Un abbraccio,


  5. claudio permalink

    i 2 Claudi di capo mulini

    • Sono contenta che abbiate visitato il mio blog. In bocca al lupo per lo studio ed il lavoro!!!!

  6. Roberta permalink

    Rosanna…your BLOG is a delight to read. So wonderful to meet you tonight! Ci vediamo presto!

    • Roberta,

      Thank You! It was a pleasure meeting you this evening and I look forward to future encounters.


  7. I am pleasantly lost in the midst of your beautiful images.
    invio un saluto da Catania 😉

  8. Deborah Delia-Cantwil-Radlick permalink

    Thank You very much for presentation you did for The Italian Heritage Society
    of St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church
    February 25 2015, everyone enjoyed it very much and for months had been looking forward to you coming to do it and it was worth waiting for.
    I didn’t want to borrow your book but thank you for the offer I want to make sure you don’t lose it and photos you
    Posted on blog and information is wonderful thank you. Going to share this with my Sicilian family in Michigan and my children in USAF and Arlington, and my Italian friends.

    • Deborah,
      Thank You. I enjoyed sharing my recent Sicilian experiences with the Italian Heritage Society very much and look forward to future opportunities to meet and interact with the members of the group.

  9. Ciao Rosanna! I bumped into your blog and wanted to let you know that Im enjoying it, since im an American in Sicily. I was wondering if I could use some of your great images? I have a blog about Sicily you might enjoy as well.

    • Hello Nick,
      I am pleased to hear you have enjoyed my blog. Thank you.
      Unfortunately, I do not wish for my pictures to be used by anybody else.
      I wish you all the best in Sicily!!!!

  10. De Glass permalink


    What a wonderful work you have put together here. Thank you for sharing. I would love to hear from you.

    De Glass

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